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Thursday, August 2, 2007

137" and starting to eat the livestock

Ok. Let's admit it. Things are getting out of control. When a sunflower mistakes you for a small yappy dog and looks down at you with that gleam in its eye, you have to wonder about the theories of supposed science. I mean, hasn't science told us that sunflowers are not capable of thinking, much less eating? Look at the sunflower in the picture above, for example.

Does this sunflower look unintelligent?

Or silly?

No, the flower's name is morpheus, and he looks like he is ready to consume a small yappy dog. But since he is trained not to eat it, he'll just set it down again when it stops yapping.

Mathwise 137" equals, um, 11 feet and 5 inches.

What is wrong with this picture above? I think the score is:

Sunflowers = 10
House = 0

I hope that sunflowers don't eat houses.

But it's nice to know their outside my window, in case dracula comes along.

Ok, to go on a completely different note. Here is a another sunflower, much smaller, but just as wonderful:

It is the green laptop from One Laptop Per Child. A group of fun professors from the MIT Media Lab who got together and thought, ok, let's make a laptop as inexpensive as possible, with the latest technology, able to withstand heat, direct sunlight, and be quite fun to explore, and make them available to the developing world. And a lot of people said, no way, can't be done. But they did it. As a personal note, what I'm hoping to do as a volunteer, is to help make some learning material on the laptops, so little kids and can grow up in their minds and learning. Like sunflowers? I suppose so.

And here are some more sunflowers; some patient friends at work with a lot of knowledge in their heads, who were willing to come out to lunch today in Chicago, and brainstorm with me on how to go about saving the world.