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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reaching for the Sun

This afternoon there was a nice bit of winter sun shining in, and just in time; the sproutlings seemed to be stretching for the light, and I ended up re-arranging things so that the pots are right by the window. In the picture below the sproutlings are on the left.

Here is another perspective on the matter; you can see at the top of the seedling, the leaves are opening up.

A close-up of the sun-seekers. A day or two ago when the seedlings reached a certain height, they were getting beyond their time and were flopping over, so I plunked a couple of chopsticks down in the soil, and used a couple of bread twisty things to stake the seedlings and give them a little support.

(It felt like the stems were too delicate to be twisted directly or bound tightly, so I twisted one end of the twisty to the chopstick, and then curled the other end around without directly tying it on the stems.)