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Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Showers Bring - March Sunflowers?

This is a special flash report for the Sunflower Club.

Tonight there is rain, a wonderful amount of thunder and lightning, and a whole lot of water. So while I suppose we can't necessarily expect the frost to be over, we can at least delight in the idea of an early growing season!

Here's a picture from last summer that will be familiar to some, and new to others, a reminder that spring and summer is around the corner. This is Grishnak, a mantis I raised, wishing everyone a happy birthday, whenever that may be.

(you can click to see a larger view if you feel that you are mentally prepared for the prospect of seeing Grishnak's pupils at close range.)

(For those of you coming new to this, last summer in 2008 we experimented with a central site at www.sunflowerclub.net, and may still go back to it - there's some nice links there - but for the moment I'm jumping on the original blog. For the 2008 season, see http://todd.sunflowerclub.net - for 2007, see below, bottom up.)